Would you like to sponsor DUMP?

Use the opportunity to promote your HR brand!
November, 20, 2020

DUMP is a large conference for Ural developers

9 years
Full halls since 2011.

Constant contact with the target audience:
  • During reports — section sponsorship
  • In between — promotions and contests
  • After graduation - sponsorship after-party
2500 participants
Expected in 2020

Audience: backend, frontend and fullstack developers, testers and QA specialists, web designers and interface designers, system analysts, team leaders, technical managers and development managers.
10 sections
and workshop room

Testing & QA
Management: Product
Management: Team
Your opportunities
Major event for developers
The most realistic goal of participating in the conference is to promote your HR brand. After it, it will be easier for your HR specialists to communicate and close vacancies!
The best form of sponsorship is interactive with conference participants
You can brand everything completely if you buy General sponsorship, but the best results are shown by the organization of the Promotion when you interact with the participants during the conference.
Geek community and a large number of professionals
There is an opportunity to tell to advanced developers, teamleads, development managers about your company, products, new projects.

General sponsor packages

You can sponsor either a separate section or the conference
Conference sponsor
Promotion for participants of all sections
200 000 RUB
Activity in the hall: promotion / competition / prize draw. Help with the idea and implementation. Distribution of promotional materials.

Logo in the advertising campaign: website, social networks, announcements before and during the conference.

Branding at the conference: banners with a schedule, logo on the participant's program.
Become a sponsor
Section sponsor
For those who want to focus on a specific audience among the number of conference participants (200 300 people in the lobby)
100 000 RUB
Rollup on stage

Logo on the badge near the section schedule

Announcement between performances

The opportunity to provide prizes for the best questions
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Branding sponsorship packages

A well-fed developer is a satisfied developer. Feed participants with hot porridge and cheesecakes from company plates, wish good morning, and you will forever remain in their heart.
You don't have to worry about food, our cooks will prepare and bring breakfast, and the waiters will serve.
45 000 RUB
water sponsor
Each participant will receive a personalized bottle of water. Your label will be pasted on it. Preference is given to vivid pictures and motivating slogans ("+100 stamina", "Magic Elixir", etc.)
60 000 RUB
Each coffee cup will have your logo. Participants drink coffee all the time and feel pleasant emotions at this moment :)
You can apply now, the price will be announced later.
We respect companies that send their employees to DUMP, so DUMP is a territory without hunting.
We study, work, share experiences and have fun.
We always coordinate with the sponsors the planned activities at the stands, so as not to violate this rule.
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E-mail: info@it-people.ru
Slack: @yulia.gerasimovich
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