Find the best IT specialist from Russia for your projects.
Hire a remote developer

Why hire a remote developer from Russia

If you do not have enough of your own resources for development, strengthen the team with the help of developers from Russia and the CIS countries. Russia has a very strong school of software engineers and a huge number of developers (about 500 thousand).

Cooperation options

you can employ our specialist yourself
you can conclude an agreement with us, pay us as a legal entity, and we take all the tax bondage

What are the benefits of working with us?

We aim to provide you with the best experience and outcome possible. Our values help us to focus on making that happen for you above all else.
Long history
We are a leading IT HR Agency in Russia.
We are connecting IT people with the best IT companies since 2010.
Best expertise
We are deeply professional in what we do: our experts specialize in project management, software engineering, Q&A, web design, etc.
Resume database
Our database consists of scores of thousands of candidates and event participants.
All around Russia
Unlike many other other agencies, we conduct all of our business in various cities of Russia and speak directly with the specialists we work for.
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Tel: +7 912 23 21 222
Slack: @yulia.gerasimovich
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